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Gtown Lumber Redwood Decking

Our Redwood Decking is available in several grades (premium to economical):

B Grade: Contains only limited knots and contains sapwood

ConHeart: Heartwood grade containing knots. This grade is the most commonly used grade in the Austin, TX market.

ConCommon: Same general characteristics as ConHeart, but contains sapwood, as well as heartwood.

ConHeart and ConCommon are very good choices for decks, fences and garden structures where knots have little effect.

For wood that will be near soil, durable heartwood, such as ConHeart is essential.

Redwood has numerous specific advantages over fir, pine and other softwoods. Natural durability, dimensional stability and resistance to weathering, decay and warping make Redwood the perfect choice for your deck. Its natural preservative oils allow this wood to strongly resist insects and decay.

Redwood’s dimensional stability is particularly valuable where exterior applications (decking, siding, fencing) expose the wood to wide temperature and humidity changes.
Redwood is light-weight so it’s easy to move around and work with when constructing your deck.
It’s Easy to See Why Redwood Has Been Used as Siding, Paneling & Decking for Many Years!

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